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Half Moon Wine Store

About the Business

Introducing Half Moon Wine Store, a haven for discerning drinkers seeking a unique and curated selection of wines, craft beers, and spirits. Located in Brisbane with two brick-and-mortar shops and an online store, Half Moon Wine Store has been making waves for the past 2 1/2 years by championing small producers and independent wineries. In an interview with the co-founder Alex, we learned about their commitment to supporting local businesses through direct partnerships with over 80 different suppliers, including winemakers, beer crafters, and distilleries.

To keep up with the unique demands of their business, Half Moon Wine Store turned to Restaurant Equipment Online­­, a trusted partner in providing reliable cooling solutions. Discover how Bromic fridges allow the team the flexibility to grow with their business needs.

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Unsure if their concept was going to succeed, the Half Moon team sought a cost-effective approach to outfitting their store. The primary challenge in refrigeration was securing units that could maintain a stable temperature for their wines, possess a sleek aesthetic to attract their upmarket clientele, and offer flexibility for experimenting with store layouts.


Bromic Refrigeration emerged as the perfect solution offering units that not only looked appealing, but functioned exceptionally at a practical price. The fridge’s lightbox allowed the owners to create a unique look that differentiates their brand from other competitors.


“There are so many different models and styles of fridges but we particularly loved the lightboxes on the GM1000LBCAS units as it allowed us to customise the fridges to show a bit of our personality.”


The units supplied were:


– Upright Display Fridges – five GM1000LBCAS units were supplied to display a variety of alcoholic beverages. The units feature double-glazed doors to minimize condensation and offer a hassle-free viewing experience for customers. Most importantly, the digital temperature controller allows precise temperature control, ensuring the integrity of the wines.


“We found the functionality of the fridges to be super easy to work with. As Brisbane is quite humid, we needed the fridges’ temperature to be consistent. Every single fridge has maintained a temperature of 2 to 3°C with little condensation which is important as Brisbane is quite humid.”


Looking ahead, the flexibility and movability of the GM1000LBCAS fridges (thanks to lockable castor wheels) remains pivotal for potential relocations or expansions. The long-term vision for Half Moon Wine Store includes the possibility of creating a space where customers can enjoy a glass of wine.

When we saw the Bromic fridges, they hit every mark. The functionality is awesome, and they are super reasonably priced for the quality you get. So much so, when we opened our second shop, we purchased another five straight away.

– Alex Farquhar (Co-Founder and Operator)