Dzert, VIC

About the Business

Dzert is a refined pastry café located in the bright beach side suburb of Sandringham, Melbourne. Founded by the dynamic duo, John and Marie, whose culinary journey is as fascinating as the delectable treats they create. Starting in wholesale cakes, the challenges of the pandemic lead to a hiatus and unexpected career shifts. Undeterred, the couple revived their dream, transforming a run-down space into the enchanting Dzert café, driven by their shared passion for pastry.

Drawing inspiration from European aesthetics, the owners wanted to bring a luxurious style to their café and present their treats in the best way possible. By offering a range of preservative-free treats that are made in house, the owners required durable displays to keep up with the demand of their customers. Learn more about how John and Marie partnered up with Carlyle Engineering to bring their hospitality ideas to life.

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One of the biggest challenges that John and Marie faced was transforming and adapting to the rundown space. The team decided to knockdown the existing commercial kitchen and redesigned it to better suit their needs. Following, they required refrigeration units that not only functioned well in the space but looked aesthetically pleasing to reflect the refined quality of their pastries. Additionally, they required multiple units to showcase their large range of desserts on offer.


Connecting with Carlyle Engineering, the pair looked towards Bromic due to the variety of sizes available in cake displays. This allowed them to purchase four units to perfectly fit into their newly renovated space in addition to being provided competitive pricing without compromising on quality.


The units supplied were:


– Cake Displays – four FD4T1200C-NR were supplied to display the desserts and savoury pastries. The 4-tier shelving within each display gives them adequate room to comfortably store a mix of different sized items such as large cakes, slices, sandwiches, and rolls.


Dzert strategically arranged the four displays in an L shape that forms a captivating focal point upon entering the café. This configuration intentionally draws customers towards the showcased pastries, enhanced by powerful LED lighting.


Opting for top-notch appliances from Bromic empowers John and Marie to channel their focus on what they do best, delivering delightful experiences to their customers in a visually pleasing space.


We wanted our fridges to look pristine. The cake displays were the best choice as they look built in to the space which draws people in. In terms of performance, they have proven to be good.

– John, Owner