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The Laughing Lark, VIC

About the Business

The Laughing Lark Café is a beautiful venue nestled in the heart of Frankston, Victoria where culinary creativity meets cozy ambiance, and every sip and bite tells a story of passion and quality. The Laughing Lark has become a local haven for food enthusiasts seeking a warm dining experience. Renowned for its commitment to good coffee and simple yet delicious food, this charming cafe has recently elevated its kitchen operations by partnering with Bromic Refrigeration. As we delve into this case study, join us on a journey through the bustling kitchen of The Laughing Lark and explore how Bromic Refrigeration has played a pivotal role in supporting their culinary endeavours.

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As long-term hospitality veterans, colleagues Lisa and Andrew often dreamt about opening their own café. With Lisa’s front-of-house expertise and Andrew’s back-of-house experience, the two decided to join forces to open their first venue. They wanted to make the space not only a café but a multifunctional space that is kid and family-friendly and can double as a meeting area. The owners were focused on finding refrigeration equipment that fit seamlessly to maximize the floor space, ambiance, and customer experience. Andrew’s passion for food meant the team desired to prepare and make most of their products in-store. Therefore, the venue required fridge and freezer storage for fresh ingredients in addition to being able to easily access perishable items to cater to their diverse menu.


Connecting with James from Carlyle Engineering, the pair looked towards Bromic due to the brand’s reputation for quality and easily accessible warranty service.


The units supplied were:


– Under Bench Storage Fridges – The three-door under bench UBC1795SD-NR was selected for back-of-house use and a two-door under bench UBC1360SD-NR fit perfectly under the front-of-house counter for easy access to drinks, condiments, and other goods. 


– Upright Storage Freezer – the UF0650SDF-NR is an upright 650L storage freezer which gave the staff flexibility to store a larger quantity of food without taking up a lot of space in the kitchen. Additionally, the stainless steel makes maintenance and cleaning easy.  


– Back Bar Fridge – The BB0200GDS-NR-1 is a two-door sliding fridge. As all the meals are made to order, having a fridge where the chefs can easily access miscellaneous perishables like sauces was fantastic for their workflow and efficiency. The glass door allows for the staff to see exactly what products they have. Additionally, the sliding door was chosen over a hinged to save room in a tighter space.


By choosing different types of refrigeration units, the team has been able to cater to their exact requirements and maximized the space for their customers to have a delightful experience near the beach and be served delicious food that is kept fresh and food safe. Bromic’s refrigeration solutions are seamlessly incorporated into the space, achieving the perfect balance of functionality and visual tranquillity. 

“Due to the space limitations, I chose Bromic as they offered a variety of refrigeration units that could nicely fit into the space. Additionally, every fridge has a sticker on it with a customer service number in case you run into any issues which is very handy.”

– Lisa, Owner