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C9 Chocolate and Gelato

About the Business

C9 Chocolate and Gelato in Marrickville, NSW opened in May 2021 is a premium dessert bar offering sublime house-made gelato desserts and café treats made with real ingredients. Their head gelato maker hails from Italy and brings more than 20 years of experience to C9. Via the well-equipped C9 Gelato Lab, everything churned out ensures that customers can indulge in incredible products, from their favourite individual scoop to the gelato fantasies of their dreams! Cloud9 Gelato Pty Ltd, master franchisor of C9 Chocolate and Gelato is recognised as one of Australia’s fastest-growing franchises, with six C9 stores currently opened, 3 more underway and a vision to export the concept internationally.

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The C9 Gelato concept is a turnkey solution for prospective franchisees and includes a complete, operational store setup. The company had previously used a variety of refrigeration equipment brands but, moving forward, have elected to adhere to a single brand to simplify warranties and service arrangements. So when the C9 Gelato team came to the point of selecting and sourcing refrigeration equipment for their upcoming store in Marrickville, they reached out to Protech Hospitality Hub, their shopfitting company and asked for advice on which brand would best suit their needs based on their product and sizing requirements.


C9 was recommended:


  • IM0043SSC – self-contained solid cube ice machine with an ice production rate of 37kg/24h which can fit neatly underneath benches.


  • UF0650SDF – 650L upright storage freezers with a stainless steel finish, perfect for storing ice cream when not used.


  • UF1300SDF – 1300L upright storage freezers with 2 doors for easy accessibility and greater space to store frozen foods.


  • UC1300SD – 1300L upright storage fridge with 2 doors for storing large quantities of food between +1°C to +5°C.


  • UBC2230SD – 553L 4 door under bench storage fridge placed under the counter for easy accessibility to drinks and food ingredients.


Thanks to the Bromic ExtraCare warranty, C9 Gelato can now assure their franchisees that in the event of any refrigeration equipment malfunction, an expert Bromic technician would attend the site on the same day.

Bromic was recommended to us when we were looking for refrigeration equipment for our new store in Marrickville. We were able to find all the equipment we need in the right size within their range plus all their products are backed up by their ExtraCare Warranty. For our new stores. we don’t need to think twice – we’ll go with Bromic.

– Kev Arfai, Co-founder and Director