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Sugar Sticks, NSW

About the Business

Sugar Sticks is a brand new dessert bar serving an innovative and highly ‘Insta-worthy’ sugar-laden dessert. It’s a choice of a cheesecake slice or strawberries on a stick, dipped in decadent chocolate ganache and rolled in various toppings. 

This is the second dessert bar for owner, Ali, whose Sugar House Waffles opened eight years ago, rapidly becoming the go-to ‘sugar fix’ venue for locals and savvy dessert seekers. 

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As a seasoned dessert bar owner and satisfied Bromic customer, Ali already had a good idea as to what he needed for the new outlet. His two main criteria were reliable performance and easy maintenance/servicing. As for the equipment itself, he needed under-bench storage – both fridge and freezer – to keep ingredients on hand at food-safe temperatures. 


Ali turned to Cafe Ideas, a Sydney commercial hospitality equipment supplier for recommendations. He was pleased when Cafe Ideas recommended and supplied three Bromic products as he’d found that only minor maintenance had been required over the years. For Sugar Sticks, the following Bromic items were supplied: 


  • UBC1360SD-NRa double-door under bench storage fridge which is a spacious fridge that can fit 1/1 GN trays. Designed for high performance in demanding hospitality conditions, it slots seamlessly under an industry-standard bench. Its food grade stainless steel top can otherwise be utilised as an additional work surface. 


  • UBF2230SD-NR – a 4 door under-bench freezer from the same range provides a deep freeze solution that can reliably maintain a temperature range of -22°C to -18°C. Capable of accommodating 1/1 GN trays, it provides plenty of storage space. It also fits beautifully underneath the bench or can be used as an additional work surface if required. 


  • UF0500LF an upright display freezer with a slim design, quality lighting and uninterrupted view of products on display make it ideal for customer-facing applications. It reliably maintains deep freeze temperatures (-22°C to -18°C) and its triple-glazed heated glass door provides greater energy efficiency. 


The Bromic service team has always responded promptly and resolved each issue to full satisfaction. 

I’ve been using Bromic products for eight years at my other café and the fridges are still going strong. Over the years, we’ve had a few minor wear-and-tear issues, but Bromic has always stood out with their excellent customer service. That’s why, when choosing fridges for my new dessert bar, Bromic was the obvious choice.

– Ali, Business Owner