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LiveLife Australia, NSW

About the Business

LiveLife Australia is a retail store that provides consumers with easy access to fresh organic produce and products directly from Australian and Asian farmers. By reducing the levels of distribution and handling, LiveLife have streamlined the process, making their farm to table concept a reality for everyday Australians. By providing information on where each food item has come from, their customers can shop with greater transparency and trust, creating a unique shopping experience.

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The LiveLife team consisted of a group of farmers, producers, and manufacturers and stepping into the retail landscape for the first time was challenging. With the aim of providing an immersive in-store experience, the two main focuses were ensuring optimal food storage and display for both fresh and frozen products and having a seamless look to fit the style of the store. As a vegetarian and vegan store, there was an added complexity to place dairy products in their own section, separate from vegan products for easier customer navigation.


Looking towards Bromic, well-known for its dependable performance in commercial refrigeration, LifeLive found the perfect solution for their store. The units supplied were:


  • UF1000LF – the upright display freezers fit seamlessly into the store’s self-service retail space. The wide display area allows customers to easily view the products with double-glazed heated safety glass that reduces condensation for clear viewing.


  • Vision 120 – multideck display fridges are open fridges which are also ideal for self-service, encouraging greater customer interaction with the produce. The plugin solution made installation easy and convenient.


By filling the walls with the same units, LiveLife achieved a minimal and sleek look that reflected their brand. Bromic’s refrigeration solutions seamlessly integrated with the store’s design, delivering the desired blend of functionality and visual appeal.

Bromic’s range aligned seamlessly with our store’s aesthetics. Its sleek, clean design beautifully complements our store’s interior, and the quiet operation adds to a pleasant shopping experience for our customers.

– Kim, Operations Manager