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Central Seafoods, WA (Retail)

About the Business

Central Seafoods is a distributor of premium seafood and Australian game meat products that provide retail-friendly packaged solutions for consumers to purchase. Their retail store in Malaga, Perth is visited by customers looking to purchase seafood and game products for home consumption. Enticing displays, a wide variety of seasonal, local produce and friendly staff are behind the company’s long-standing reputation for quality and service.

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Offering frozen and chilled products, Central Seafoods needed a variety of display solutions. The store’s footprint is extremely limited at 50sqm so the refrigerators and freezers needed to have an equally compact footprints. Visibility is important so customers can see the goods without having to open the doors. The business’s plans involve expanding to include a new showroom and four times larger retail store.



Central Seafoods have trusted Bromic Refrigeration for more than ten years to supply an ever-growing fleet of decaled chest freezers to position in clients’ stores. For their own store, Bromic recommended a combination solution.


  • Irene Eco 185 and Irene Eco 250 – two sizes of island freezers from the professional range were supplied as they can be used standalone or stacked in various combinations for a seamless display solution to cater for various floor layouts. The curved display lid provides extra space for display and storage. They’re easy to install and set up and are powered through 10A plugs that don’t require planning approval.


  • FD4T1200C-NR and FD4T1800C-NR – two sizes of cold food displays to house the fresh seafood. The units include three adjustable shelves plus a base to maximise product display area. Soft-cool refrigeration technology delivers prolonged product freshness and invisible heat elements and an internal air curtain eliminate condensation. The fridges’ self-closing sliding rear doors allow easy access and minimise temperature loss.


All these units will be infinitely suitable for the expanded store and showroom thanks to their modular nature.

For our retail store, we mixed and matched Bromic’s 1.85m and 2.50m wide Irene island freezers. This solution works perfectly to maximise display area and make the most of our limited floor space.

– Ryan Ivanov, Owner