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Queen Street Delicatessen, NSW

About the Business

The Queen Street Delicatessen was established in 1954. Over the decades, it has evolved from the local corner store to a well-known deli providing wholesome, healthy, fresh food, made daily on the premises. The focus is on providing quality products, including gourmet organic seeded baguette sandwiches, ready meals, soups, salads, pastries, local and imported cheeses and crackers, sweets, and other traditional deli and corner store items.

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The original refrigerated food display cabinet was custom-made to fit the angular window area, but after 23 years, a new solution was needed. The double glazing had failed, dirt was collecting between the glass sheets, impeding visibility, and the old fluorescent lighting didn’t adequately show off their product.


Because of the shape of the space, Queen Street Deli had considered a range of possible solutions such as rebuilding the cabinet top and retaining the mechanical components. However, they realised the outcome would not be as cost-effective, visually appealing or practical as a new cold food display cabinet. The next step was finding the right model.


The cold food display is the first thing customers and the passing parade see as they approach or walk past Queen Street Deli so the solution had to be as aesthetically inviting as it was practical. Bromic’s customer service assisted through the process from product selection to delivery, follow-up and staff training.


FD41800C-NR – this large 180mm wide cold food display was recommended for the shop’s window overlooking the busy street. Its superior design appearance, angled white shelves, high impact LED lighting and clean, modern lines refreshed the shopfront instantly, providing far greater clarity for viewing the contents. The unit’s soft-cool refrigeration technology allows for prolonged product freshness and its invisible heat elements and an internal air curtain eliminate condensation. The sliding rear door allows easy access and minimises temperature loss and the removable shelf inserts make routine cleaning extra easy.


We chose Bromic’s FD4T1800C-NR cold food display cabinet because of its superior design appearance, clean lines, modern lines, and the clarity with which products are displayed. We have received only favourable comments from our regular, local customers and noticed a greater number of shoppers stopping at our window. We’ve also experienced an increase in sales since installing the new cabinet.

– Glen, Co-Owner