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Ice Cream and Gelato Display Freezers

Read the guide to learn the key tips for choosing the right type of ice cream or gelato display freezer for your business.


With the scorching Australian summer just around the corner, the demand for ice cream and gelato is about to skyrocket. If you’re a business owner gearing up to satisfy the cravings of your customers, our guide to selecting the perfect ice cream display freezer is a must-read. It goes into eight important features to consider when choosing an ice cream display freezer that is most appropriate for your business’s needs. In the end of the day, you want your products to be memorable for all the right reasons so that customers return to your store again and again!

Types of Ice Cream and Gelato Display Freezers

Let’s start with the two types of freezers you will consider for your business.




Ice Cream Display Scoop Freezers


Ideal setting

Specialty ice cream outlet, ice cream by-the-scoop store, confectionery retailer, restaurant, shipping container eatery, market stall, cinema.



The Magic of Gelato Display Freezers

It’s a crowded marketplace, with all kinds of products jostling for attention. The biggest advantage you’ll gain is with a gelato display freezer that works its magic through eye appeal. Even those customers who are not easily swayed from their virtuous eating plans can be instantly tempted by heaping tubs of gloriously colourful ice creams and gelato, stacked with complementary ingredients like fruits, chocolate shards and chopped nuts. The more priority you give to the presentation, the greater your day’s takings will be reflected.


These purpose-built units are designed specifically to serve ice cream, gelato, or sorbet over the counter, with a well to hold multiple ice cream pans on display and a glass canopy to protect the products on display. The pans are slightly elevated to provide a perfect view of the ice cream on display and entice the customer to purchase. These represent an excellent option for a business considering offering ice cream as a full service.



image shows Bromic gelato display freezer on our side and a close up of tubs of ice cream on display




Display Chest Freezers


Ideal setting

Supermarket, convenience store, snack bar, fish and chip shop, petrol station, pharmacy, newsagent, tackle shop, leisure centre, tourist attraction, lolly shop, greengrocer.



Seize the Impulse with Display Chest Freezers

Impulse purchases bring in big bucks for retailers. When customers come in to buy sunscreen, a hat, a book to read on the beach, pay for petrol or even to buy bait for fishing, you can bet they’re going to look around and wonder, “What’s good?”. That’s where a display chest freezer comes in. Positioned near the point of sale, they are a self-service option and represent an opportunity for your customer to add at least another $4 or $5 to their spend. Multiply that by 50 ice cream-loving consumers a day and your ice cream fridge has more than earned its keep!


Display chest freezers feature angled, flat or curved sliding glass lids. They can maintain very low temperatures of -15° to -25°C, which is ideal for ice creams, specifically individually packed ice creams, gelatos and sorbets.



image shows a basket full of cone ice cream and Bromic display chest freezer



Key Tips When Selecting an Ice Cream Display Freezer

Once you’ve determined the right format – ice cream display scoop freezer or self-service display chest freezer – there are a few other considerations to bear in mind.



Tip 1. Size Considerations for Your Space

Where will the freezer go? Be sure to measure the space and not just the footprint. You also have to allow space for airflow, efficient movement around it by staff, customers and delivery personnel, and the location of a power point.



Tip 2. Calculating Capacity Needs

Will the freezer be able to service the amount of product you can sell each day? For an ice cream display scoop freezer, will you be able to display the number of pans you need for the number of flavours you offer? For a display chest freezer, how many baskets do you need it to have?



Tip 3. Fixed vs. Movable

If you need to be able to move the freezer, you’ll need it to be fitted with castors which make it easier to position the freezer, saving on labour and helping to prevent workplace accidents.



Tip 4. Additional Storage Options

Consider purchasing a display freezer that features storage space for additional stock. This will save staff many trips to the back of the store to restock during busy periods. A display scoop freezer with a separate rear door for additional storage will reduce the need to take out pans or baskets on display to access extra stock.



Tip 5. Product Presentation

A tilted display is important for maximising product visibility. LED lighting will present your product to be highly appealing and enticing. Heated glass on a display freezer helps to prevent condensation which is incredibly important in Australia. The more people can see the product, the more likely they are to buy it.



Tip 6.  Adding Your Flavour: Branding

Can your supplier decal your ice cream fridge? Add your logo, match your business’s colour scheme or reference the theme of your business, e.g. beachside, sporty or animals, such as for a zoo.



Tip 7. Hygiene First – Ease of Cleaning

Ice cream display cabinets must always be maintained with meticulous attention to hygiene and food safety. A clean freezer is a freezer that sells! Choose a freezer that features an automatic defrost function and easily removable baskets/pans for daily or weekly maintenance cleaning.



Tip 8. Condenser Maintenance for Performance and Longevity

A condenser coil in an ice cream display freezer will need to be cleaned monthly to remove dust build-up and ensure optimal performance. Consider a freezer with an internal condenser or a spiral condenser coil; neither option requires maintenance cleaning, which saves you time.


Taking Your Business to the Next Level with the Perfect Ice Cream Display Freezer

With summer just around the corner and everyone craving ice cream and gelato, it’s time to make sure your customers are happy. The first step? Picking the perfect ice cream display freezer. Remember, it’s not just a regular freezer – it’s what makes your treats look irresistible and keeps them fresh.


Think about the size, how much it can hold, and whether you can move it around if needed. Also, consider how your ice cream will look inside – that’s important! A good display freezer can show off your brand and make people want to try your ice cream.


Ready to give your business a lift and make this summer extra special for your customers? Check out the Bromic range and find the ice cream display freezer that’s just right for you.