Buyers Guide Food Display Cabinets

Food Display Cabinets

Read the guide to learn the key considerations for selecting the ideal food display cabinet for your business.



It’s commonly understood that we humans ‘eat with our eyes first’. Well presented, visually appealing food can often be irresistible, even to a customer who may have ventured into an outlet only to buy a coffee.


Cold, hot, and ambient display cabinets can make a meaningful difference to a business’s bottom line by putting tempting foods where customers can see them while waiting for their purchase. That $5 coffee can easily escalate to a $20 purchase when a colourful salad for lunch is added.


And just like that, you achieved a 300 percent increase in spend!


Understanding the difference between food display cabinets

Understanding the differences between food display cabinets is crucial to ensuring you choose the right cabinet for the type of food you intend to serve to your customers.

Controlled Ambient Food Display Cabinets

Standing apart are Controlled Ambient Food Display Cabinets. Imagine a scorching day with temperatures soaring above 30°C and your chocolate chip muffins are on display. No air conditioning in sight! That’s where Bromic’s Controlled Ambient Food Display Cabinets come to the rescue. These cabinets maintain a perfect temperature range of 14°C to 18°C, creating an ideal environment even when it’s scorching outside.


This controlled ambient environment is achieved by adjusting parameters in Bromic’s Cake Display. The best part? You can do it yourself, with a few simple adjustments on the digital controller. Say goodbye to melted muffins!



Key considerations when looking at food display cabinets

Knowing what kind of food display cabinet to purchase is every bit as important as knowing why you need one in the first place. Below, we’ll outline a number of points to be mindful of when deciding on the food display cabinet that’s best for your business and what it sells.



Location matters

First, determine where onsite the food display cabinet should go. Would it work best on the way into your café or shop, or would it be more effective right next to the point of sale?


Once you have decided on the location, this will help you determine the available space and, consequently, the size of the food display cabinet you can fit without crowding it with other equipment or it being in the way of traffic flow.



Size and capacity

When selecting the size of a food display cabinet, two crucial factors to keep in mind are ventilation needs – to ensure the refrigeration system operates optimally, and the types and quantities of food you offer daily.



  • Ventilation needs – Allow space at the rear of the unit for adequate ventilation to ensure the unit’s refrigeration system is not over-worked. We recommend a minimum of 150mm for optimal operation and longevity.
  • Food type and quantities – Choose a food display cabinet that will be an appropriate size for the type and quantities of the foods you sell. If you typically sell dozens of ready-made sandwiches or stacks of cupcakes and muffins every day, explore how they will fit in the cabinet. Bromic’s range of 660mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm hot, cold and ambient units provide a sizing solution to fit any application.



Temperature control

Will you need to adjust the temperature settings as and when required? For instance, cake display cabinets cater for many different types of cakes, and the appropriate storage temperature may differ according to the season.


  • Adjustable temperature controls – A key difference with Bromic’s cake display cabinets is that they are all rated M1 (Food Safe). Not all pastries are best stored below +5°C but other perishable foods may need a lower temperature to avoid causing foodborne illnesses.


Bromic hot and cold display cabinets feature a digital controller. Cake displays have an adjustable temperature range of +1°C to +5°C, while hot food displays range from +50°C to +70°C.


  • Consistency and circulation – Your food display cabinet should be able to maintain universal temperature throughout. For example, Bromic cake display cabinets feature an oversized evaporator coil and low-velocity fans to facilitate gentle circulation of high-humidity air. Our units maintain moisture and low temperatures to ensure that products on display taste as good as they look.
  • Even heat distribution – For hot food display cabinets, even heat distribution and consistent temperature maintenance are key to prevent hot spots and ensure food quality and safety.


Visibility and accessibility

Visibility is everything when trying to tempt customers to make impulse purchases. And for you and your staff, accessibility is key to efficiency and food safety.


  • Condensation-free viewing – Bromic’s food display cabinets feature invisible glass heating technology that permits condensation-free viewing from all angles with no unsightly heating wires to block the view. ITO film (Indium-Tin – Oxide) involves a clear film applied to the surface of the glass, rather than the vented exhaust heat or wire heating used in some other units.
  • Accessibility – A sliding door is often the best option when you have limited space behind the counter. Where you need to display larger items, especially in smaller food displays, hinged doors may be preferable.
  • Adjustable shelving – What you display may vary from day to day and you want the flexibility to be able to adjust the shelving to suit. Bromic’s shelving is adjustable to flat, or a 5-degree or 10-degree slant. The height position is adjustable, and the shelf can be removed if required.




It stands to reason that a food display cabinet must have effective lighting to present foods in the most attractive way. The LED lighting in food display units is easy on the eye and showcases the products to their greatest potential. LED lighting is more durable than its traditional fluorescent counterparts, has a longer lifespan, is more energy efficient and so cheaper to run, and emits no UV or IR radiation, which can damage food.



Customisation options and design considerations

The food display cabinet that you choose should complement your café’s overall theme and décor. You might also like to discuss any customisation options that can align with your business’s branding and personality.


Bromic’s cake displays, hot food and ambient display cabinets are available with matching profiles to ensure they all work together visually onsite. You can also choose to swap out standard glass shelves in your Bromic food display cabinet to wired shelves if you prefer a more industrial look or have product that will benefit from greater hot air circulation.


When it comes to the LED lighting, you can even choose to have warm LED lighting for your cake and ambient displays to match your hot food display or simply because you feel the warmer hue is more appropriate for your site.




Cleaning and maintenance

Day-to-day and periodical cleaning are two other important considerations when choosing a food display cabinet. Keeping it clean and hygienic will not only ensure food safety and attractive presentation, but also extend the life of your unit and reduce the need for servicing.


  • Day-to-day cleaning – Choose a cabinet that is easy to clean and maintain and which has trays and shelves that can be removed to be washed.
  • Periodical cleaning – Food display cabinets are bottom-mounted units, which means their condensers are prone to dust and dirt blockages. Bromic’s units feature easily accessible condensers with magnetic covers and additional filter covers. These can all be removed and cleaned with ease on a monthly basis, or more or less frequently as needed.

Energy efficiency

Any time you can employ an energy efficient appliance in your business, you lower operational costs. When choosing a food display cabinet, explore the energy-saving features that will help save money, save the planet, and be more durable in the long run.


  • Self-closing doors – These make a huge difference in minimising temperature loss.
  • LED lighting – Long-lasting and cheap to run.
  • GEMS star ratings – Based on a 10-star rating system, GEMS is your gauge of how energy efficient an appliance is. The higher the number, the more energy efficient. Choose refrigeration equipment that complies with GEMS energy efficiency standards every time.


GEMS registration ensures that the refrigeration equipment you purchase meets a raft of quality and safety standards. Equipment that is not registered with GEMS may be of poorer quality which can result in higher maintenance costs and potential breakdowns.


Before you purchase any refrigeration equipment, always check for the GEMS label or ask the retailer to find out its GEMS rating for you to ensure the unit is GEMS-compliant.


Humidity control in hot food displays

When selecting a hot food display cabinet, opt for one that provides options for humidity control, particularly if your business serves moist or delicate food items such as pastries and roasted meats. All Bromic hot food display cabinets include a bain marie, for this purpose.



Check for warranty coverage of your cake display cabinet or hot or ambient food display cabinet before purchasing and find out what after-sales support is offered in the event of any potential issues that may arise.


Bromic Extra Care goes beyond a standard manufacturer’s warranty. It provides the extra peace of mind that comes with nationwide coverage, and a technician onsite in as little as four hours. In most cases, refrigeration issues can be resolved with a single phone call. Bromic Extra Care is free of charge; it’s simply another benefit of doing business with Bromic.

Choose a trusted, experienced manufacturer

Whenever you expend capital outlay on equipment for your business, you need to make sure you’re getting value for money. When selecting cake display cabinets, hot food display cabinets, and/or ambient display cabinets, there is so much to consider, as outlined above. When you purchase from Bromic, all of these considerations have already been put into the design, engineering, and manufacture of our refrigeration equipment. Bromic’s commitment to providing high-quality, innovative, and industry-leading food display solutions is highly regarded by Australia’s hospitality and retail industries.