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Buying drinks fridges for your retail or hospitality business

In this article, we breakdown all the different types of drinks fridges and why some may be more suitable for your needs than others.

In the process of looking for a drinks fridge for your retail or hospitality business, it can be difficult to know where to start as there are so many options available on the market. Fear not, this guide will break down the key considerations when purchasing a drinks fridge.


First, we’ll go into greater detail on countertop drinks display fridges, back bar fridges, under bench glass door fridges and upright display fridges. Then, we’ll break down the important considerations you should keep in mind before you make your purchase.

What makes a fridge suitable for drinks?

You might believe that any refrigerator can accommodate your beverages, so why opt for a dedicated “drinks fridge”? A commercial drinks fridges is designed with specific functions in mind, with the temperature range being the main determining factor for what can store in your fridge. At Bromic, we have drinks fridges suitable for perishable, non-perishable, and wine. These different drinks require specific temperatures to guarantee they remain food safe.

Understanding the different types of commercial drinks fridges

Let’s look at the various types of commercial drinks fridges you can buy today.



Countertop drinks display fridges

Countertop drinks display fridges are intentionally positioned on top of counters. They provide full visibility with four glass panels. The outward facing door allows customers to easily self-serve, encouraging impulse purchases.



Countertops are primarily used to keep pre-chilled drinks cool and ready to serve to customers. They are commonly used in takeaway shops, bars, restaurants, convenience stores and supermarkets. When customers can see chilled, refreshing drinks and access them themselves, impulse buys happen organically. Positioned at point of sale, countertop display fridges add virtually effortless dollars to your bottom line.



Two images: left has two Bromic countertop display fridges. Right image is a black bromic countertop at a donut kiosk.



Product suitability

The countertop fridge has a temperature range between +2°C to +8°C. Therefore, is best for pre-chilled drinks such as water, juice, soft drinks, beers, cans and to go drinks. Explore the Bromic range of energy-efficient, and visually appealing countertop display fridges here!



Back bar fridges

Back bar fridges are one-, two- and three-door fridges designed to store chilled drinks, commonly behind the bar at a venue. They have glass display doors to allow staff full visibility of the contents.



Bromic’s back bar fridges provide the perfect freestanding refrigerated display solution for any small bar, café or restaurant looking to optimise beverage storage, temperature control and service efficiency. They offer versatile, adjustable shelves to accommodate varying sizes of bottles, cans, and cartons and their glass doors make it easy for staff to identify and reach for stock.



Two images: left is of a bromic back bar fridge at a salad bar. Right is an image of the Bromic BB0330GD-NR fridge with drinks inside.


Product suitability

Temperatures are maintained between +1°C to +10°C, making back bar fridges suitable for non-perishable beverages such as soft drinks, beer, and long-life juices.


Bromic back bar fridges are rated 3M1. This means that although a back bar fridge is generally not suitable for perishables such as milk, the Bromic range can accommodate perishable items, if the fridge is placed in an environment where the temperature is below +25°C, such as in an air-conditioned shopping centre.


Typically, back bar fridges are positioned under counters to make the best use of the space. However, they can also stand alone, and the tops can be used as a workspace or for storage.



Under bench glass door fridges

Like back bar fridges, under bench display fridges (glass door fridges) provide greater capacity across one-, two-, three- and four-door fridges.



Save space, store foods, and beverages at stable temperatures, save on energy, and clean with ease. Bromic’s under bench fridges are heavy duty and boast great depth, providing extra space to store more product, making them ideal for restaurants, cafes and bars requiring a larger capacity fridge. They are equipped with flat, food-grade stainless steel tops which can be utilised as an additional worktop.


Available with glass doors, under bench fridges make it easy for staff to quickly identify stock during service and gauge inventory levels for restocking. Additionally, they are designed to withstand frequent door opening because they are equipped with a bigger compressor that helps to bring down temperatures rapidly. All these factors make under benches great for fast paced hospitality venues that serve a high volume of beverages such as bars and high-end restaurants.


Two images: left is the Bromic UBC2230GD-NR and left is the same unit being used in a commercial kitchen.



Product suitability

All of Bromic’s under bench display fridges are suitable to store perishable foods including dairy, fresh produce, and ready-made meals such as salads, sandwiches and fresh juices.



Upright display fridges

Upright display fridges can store a generous quantity of drinks due to its vertical capacity. The design also encourages customers to serve themselves.



A great space-saving solution, upright display fridges are excellent for premises where floor space is limited, thanks to the reduced footprint and vertical storage, making the most of the height of your space. Equipped with a larger compressor to reduce temperatures quickly, upright display fridges are designed to withstand frequent door openings.


Additionally, the large glass display doors and internal lighting present your drinks in a visually appealing manner to entice customers to buy, increasing impulse purchases. This makes upright fridges great for customer facing businesses such as cafes, supermarkets, and retail outlets.



Two images: left is the Bromic upright fridge with drinks inside at a café. Right is the same GM1000LBECO unit, angled to the right.



Product suitability

Depending on the model, Bromic upright display fridges can maintain a temperature range between +1°C to +5°C which can store both perishable and non-perishable drinks. The versatility means you can store multiple types of drinks in the one unit such as cans and bottles of juice, beer and ready-to-drink items, as well as perishable beverages such as cartons of juice and milk drinks.


Explore Bromic’s line-up of vertical-storage and visually enticing upright display fridges here.

Considerations when selecting a drinks fridge


Size and capacity

  • Available space – Choose a drinks fridge that can be accommodated comfortably onsite without overcrowding. Ensure the door can be opened and closed with ease.
  • Ventilation – Allow at least 150mm of space at the back and sides of the unit for ventilation. This ensures the refrigeration system is not over-worked which will provide greater longevity.
  • Sales volume – Evaluate the expected volume of drinks sales and choose a drinks fridge with the appropriate capacity. We offer a wide range of sizes including one, two or three door models across back bar, under bench and upright display fridges.


Temperature control

  • Perishable or non-perishable – Consider what types of drinks you will be storing in your drinks fridges. Perishable items will need to be stored at between +1°C to +5°C. If you only require non-perishable cooling, consider a back bar or countertop fridge.
  • Chill time – Will you want to store pre-chilled drinks, or will you need to chill warm drinks quickly? If the latter, you will need a fridge with a stronger cooling capacity such as an upright and under bench fridges.
  • Adjustable temperature – Ensure the unit you purchase has an adjustable temperature controller to account for changing ambient temperatures. For example, in summer, when the ambient temperature increases, it will likely increase the temperature inside the fridge. Having control over your fridge’s temperature will ensure your perishable drinks do not spoil and contribute to revenue loss.
  • Type of controller – Here, you will decide between analogue control vs digital. Do you require more precise control and a temperature display? Digital allows for this control. Or will a simpler mechanical solution be sufficient with an analogue?
  • Quality standards – All Bromic drinks fridges have been tested to the highest Australian standards so you can have peace of mind that when used properly, your drinks will be kept chilled.


Visibility and accessibility

  • Glass doors – We recommend glass doors for your drinks fridges as customers can easily view the drinks, which encourages impulse purchasing. Secondly, it can reduce the frequency of the door being opened, resulting in better temperature control. For staff, glass doors offer quick visibility, improving workflow and efficiency. For owners and managers, glass doors allow for easy stock counting for repurchasing.
  • Accessibility/functionality – Consider the accessibility to the display area to easily serve customers. A sliding door offers a more seamless experience and could be a better option if you have limited space behind the counter.
  • Adjustable shelving – This will accommodate products of varying heights, giving you more flexibility.
  • Glass heating technology – Invisible to the naked eye, glass heating technology permits condensation-free viewing from all angles, with no unsightly heating wires hindering visibility. Some Bromic units feature Low-E glass that is designed to minimise heat transfer through the glass door of the fridge. This keeps the temperature of your drinks steady and can reduce the energy consumption. Check out our GM0690 or GM1100 range which features Low-E glass.



Image of 4 Bromic GM1100 fridges with their skus underneath.




Customisation options and design considerations

The drinks fridge you ultimately purchase should complement your business and enhance the ambience of your space. An example of a unique option for themed venues is our GM0300-NR RETRO, which boasts green LED lighting.


Bromic can also assist you with customisation options to meet your specific branding needs. For instance, you may opt to decal your fridges to create brand awareness. Most of Bromic fridges can be decaled. To learn more about this process, read our article on fridge branding here.



Cleaning and maintenance

Hygiene is very important, and when your drinks fridge is easy to clean and maintain, food safety is optimised. Consider features that allow for ease of cleaning such as removable shelves and trays.



Energy efficiency

Energy-efficient drinks fridges can reduce your environmental impact as well as your energy costs. Energy-saving features include self-closing doors, double-glazed glass with Low-E glass and Argon gas, low energy consumption, a high GEMS star rating, and refrigerant type. You can learn more about what makes a fridge energy efficient here.


The GEMS star rating is a valuable tool for appliance purchasers looking to save money and reduce their environmental impact. Choosing appliances with a high GEMS star rating helps reduce your energy consumption and make a positive contribution to the environment.


If you cannot find a fridge you’re considering purchasing on the GEMS database, it likely means it hasn’t met minimal requirements for compliance. Non-compliant refrigeration equipment might not meet energy efficiency standards, leading to higher energy consumption and increased operating costs for your business, an important factor to consider when deciding on your drinks fridge.




Before purchasing a fridge, always check for warranty coverage and after-sales support.

Bromic Extra Care goes beyond a standard warranty and provides additional peace-of-mind when you purchase any Bromic refrigeration product. It offers a one-stop support service from Bromic experts and in fact, most issues can be resolved in a single call. Where additional support is needed, a technician can be onsite within 4 hours*. Help is never too far away, thanks to our nationwide coverage. Best of all, Bromic Extra Care is provided at no extra charge. It’s simply a part of your Bromic purchase.




Choose a company you can count on for quality products, expertise and outstanding warranty

When it comes to purchasing a drinks fridge, it’s important to take all the above considerations into account. The right drinks fridge for your business is a wise investment that helps comply with food safety regulations, reduce costs, increase sales, and improve operational efficiencies.


Bromic is committed to providing high-quality and innovative drinks fridge solutions. We can guide you towards the most ideal drinks fridge for your needs and we will be with you all the way with Bromic Extra Care.


Contact us today to discuss your need for a drinks fridge or your next upgrade.