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Nash Big Brother Burgers, NSW

About the Business

Nash Big Brother Burgers is a family-owned and operated business with a mission to provide healthy and flavoursome fast food in a welcoming urban setting. They source most of their ingredients direct from local farms.

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During peak times, making sure they had enough fresh ingredients was quite a challenging task and a big strain on their staff, requiring frequent trips back to the cold room for resupply. Additionally, despite their best efforts, a high amount of food still ended up going to waste since if the ingredients had been outside of the cold room too long, the Food Safety Guidelines required them to chuck them out.


For their cafe, Nash Big Brother Burgers selected Bromic Two-door Pizza Prep Fridge.


  • PP1700 – a two door pizza prep fridge was the perfect solution. Thanks to Double Airflow technology, ingredients in the pans are cooled from below and above, which aids in maintaining food safe temperatures in the pans and allows to keep the ingredients out for long periods of time. Additional refrigerated underbench storage area provides ample room for top-up ingredients, eliminating the need for multiple trips to the back to restock. An extra-wide cutting board offers plenty of space for food preparation.


With the addition of a pizza prep fridge, Nash Big Brother Burgers were able to significantly streamline their food preparation process. The cold storage section now only needs 1 person to operate, down from 2 previously.

It became a lot more accessible for the staff to rotate the stock. To save one wage a week allows us to buy better ingredients. The customers see that. They constantly come back. I’d recommend the Bromic Pizza Prep Fridge to any business with a small kitchen area. I guarantee it’ll streamline your processes and transform how you prepare food. 

– Liam Kay, Co-Owner