GM0300 RETRO 290L LED Upright Display Chiller
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Features & Benefits

Bromic has just unveiled the RETRO chiller inspired by the 1950’s. Not only does it look fabulous but it’s also efficient and spacious (290litres) The RETRO has a front glass panel with LED surround lights embedded into the door. The units can be decalled (additional charges apply - POA).

Standard Features:  

  • Internal lighting for maximum product display
  • Durable adjustable shelves
  • Corrosion resistant outer body
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Tempered thermo glass door, aluminium frame
  • Double glazed door to reduce condensation
  • Self closing doors

The GM0300 Retro 290L Chiller is a completely customisable 1950s-inspired retro unit suitable for pubs and clubs as well as themed bistros and restaurants looking to channel that vintage 50’s look. Not only does it look fabulous, but it’s also efficient and spacious (290 litres), making the GM0300 chiller both a functional and beautiful appliance-cum-accessory.

The chiller has a front glass panel with green LED surround embedded into the door glass, providing illumination and allowing maximum product display. The use of LED lights in place of traditional fluorescent bulbs makes it more cost efficient and eco-friendly.

The adjustable temperature controls with a temperature range: +1°C to +10°C helps ensure produce and beverages are stored in their recommended environment. Uncooked meat, for instance, is best stored at 4ºC, while beer should be stored at +10°C. Having the freedom to adjust temperature accordingly makes a big difference.


Gross Weight (kg) 85
Brand No
Colour Black
Warranty (mths) 12
Orientation Vertical
Capacity (Litres) 290
Capacity Range (Litres) 201 - 300L
Temp. Range (°C) +1 to +10°C
Max. Ambient Temp. (°C / RH) 40°C / 65%
Power (W) 290
Current (A) 2
Product & Interior Lighting Yes
Door Type Glass
Glazed Double Glazed
Glass Shape Flat
No. of Doors/Lids 1
Door Movement Hinged
Door Lock No
Temp. Display Analog
No. of Shelves Included 4
Refrigerant No
Display Lightbox No
Adjustable Shelves Yes
Height (mm) 1943
Depth (mm) 610
Width (mm) 620